MGB Day One

Yesterday was Day One of the Annual MS Global Briefing – targeted towards Field Sales and Consulting personnel.  It was my first time to attend a MGB, and I was impressed.  The only time that I had seen Steve Ballmer dance before was in the infamous “monkeyboy” clip of a few years ago.  He did not disappoint. 

MS will not disappoint with the continued growth in different markets.  Keep your eyes open. 

Job Function at Microsoft

I’ve been asked by a couple of people to describe my job function at Microsoft.
Fair question.

I’m an E-Business Product Technology Specialist for Microsoft, in the Sales group, primarily involved in Technical Pre-Sales opportunities.  I specialize in the E-Business Server products, MS Content Management Server, MS Commerce Server, and MS Biztalk Server. I visit customers with Account Managers, and on my own, answering technical questions about the products, helping with product evaluations, etc.

It’s a great gig, and I’m enjoying it.  Prior to this place, I worked in the same function for BroadVision, an E-Commerce software solution.  Once BroadVision needed to shut down its Seattle operations, I pretty much needed to find work, and Microsoft was local and needed some help.  I’ve been here almost a year now, and am enjoying it very much.


Who is Owen Allen

Hi.  Nice to meet you.  My name is Owen Allen, and I’ve got a great and wonderful family.  A beautiful wife, and four completely different and challenging and fun kids.  We are enjoying Summer vacation right now, and the kids seem to enjoy it.  I’m still working, of course.  I work for Microsoft, and have been with the company for about 9 months, now.

This blog may take many forms, I’m not exactly sure what direction it will go.  As I learn the tool, I hope that it will be a great chance to record and share my experiences in many different areas.

Please understand that when I am writing in this blog, I am writing my own thoughts, <Include Appropriate Disclaimer Here/>