Contract Management on SharePoint

I ran into (and around) Dolphin Software this morning.  Dolphin software provides a seemingly very complete Contract Management solution on top of the SharePoint Server 2007 application platform. 

Capabilities include leveraging SharePoint’s workflow support, the ability to create workgroups and contract-specific collaboration sites quickly, some reporting and KPI capabilities, etc., in order to accelerate the ‘quote-to-cash’ business process.

Here are some interesting articles in support of Dolphin Software. 

What do you think about them?  Are they taking the right approach to integrating with SharePoint?  It seems to me that they are, but I’m just starting to learn about them. 

Deep in the forest of the Internet…

I can’t believe that I’m writing two blog entries in the same day for the same company… Usually, I’d wait at least another day to do that…  🙂

But Steve at Bamboo Solutions has managed to get the worst jingle ever built, and I can’t stop listening to it!


First, click watch the Song of the Day #225.

Second, click on Steve’s blog entry to read the background.

Steve’s Blog Entry for the Background…



Third, if you’re still here, I loved his embedded link to the Bing jingle contest winner (same singer), so I’m putting it here again for old times sake.