Shade Foundation Poster Contest

A friend of my daughter is the Washington State winner for the Shade Foundation poster contest.  image

Now, she needs online votes.  So, here’s my shameless plug to ask you for your vote. 

Angie is the artist behind poster #34, “Don’t Be Caught Dead in the Sun,” with a beach shack, a crab, and the chalk outline of someone who didn’t remember the sunscreen!

Go to and click on this image – “VOTE NOW!

Choose to vote and then select #34, if that’s the one that you’d like to see win.


Thank you for helping her out!

Erica Toelle webcast

Erica Toelle, a SharePoint consultant, specializes in the people and the interactive services side of SharePoint. 

Erica was interviewed by the good folks at, in their 72nd episode: “How to Find SharePoint Implementation Success”.

She has some good advice about how to ensure that implementations are taking the people into account.

The Erica goodness starts at about 12:10…and it goes for about 14 minutes!

Puget Sound SharePoint User Group – new Website

It’s always interesting when a website goes through a re-branding exercise, or a new launch.  You get to know a website by it’s look and feel, right?  I mean – the personality of a web site starts to come out with the look and feel, and then as you see a site change it’s content and you start to use it, you also get to know it.

Well, the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group web site has gone through a metamorphosis and has come out looking different.    Thanks to the great folks at Salient 6, there’s a new skin on the surface. 

Now, if we could just get the leadership there to keep the content fresh, things would really be going strong!

Oh – and there’s a meeting tomorrow (16 Apr 2009) night.  Be with us to hear from NewsGator and from OTB Solutions.

Ashley Roach
, NewsGator, “Delivering Enterprise Social Computing with SharePoint”

image OTB Solutions, “Enterprise Ready Applications on SharePoint with Little or No Custom Code”