WOW!  Check out the new web site – powered by SharePoint Server 2007!image

Lots of great information – plenty of images and videos and a great way to follow your favorite driver and team.

I’ve heard that there was a great team that contributed to this site, and I can’t wait to learn more of the stories about how the development, design, and implementation of this site occurred. 

Ferrari is an amazing company, and I’m sure that this project was handled in a top-flight way. 

The virtual tour through the Ferrari facilities and the quick wind tunnel view in the launch video is pretty cool!

Oh, and, don’t forget -  there’s a Formula 1 Grand Prix race today in Australia!  (Of course by the time most of you see this, the race will be over.)

Here is a video about the launch of the site



It’s very informative web site.  They have a description of all of the cars that they sell.  I even found the one particular model that was closest to my price range.image

SharePint at AIIM

SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night!

In the grand tradition of SharePint events around the world, the AIIM Expo ‘09 edition will be held at the following time and place.

McGillin’s Olde Ale House
1310 Drury Street
Philadelphia, PA  19107
(215) 753-5562


I’m changing the start time to 7:30PM.   AIIM is holding their awards ceremony on this night, and I know of some good folks from the SharePoint community who were invited to an awards dinner by AIIM.  So, we’ll pick up the rush when the event gets out.

What is a SharePint?  Well, it’s just the BEST time of the day!  The time when SharePoint wonks put down their browsers and get together to talk amongst themselves.

It’s usually at a drinking establishment (pub), because those are the best places to get pub food.  (I don’t drink, but I’ve noticed that an awful lot of the SharePoint world does, so that’s convenient.) 

There’s no formal organization, everyone buys for themselves, except for the occasional rogue who buys for one to a hundred of his/her closest friends.

I’d love to meet you there and get to know you.  I hope that you have a great time at AIIM and that you’re able to join us at McGillin’s for the SharePint!

Blogging Frequency vs. Work…

I was in one of those states the other day where I was coming down after a relatively long day of meeting with SharePoint partners, and I was enjoying the time before dinner with one of them, a friend from PTC (by the way, watch these guys – they are doing some cool stuff with SharePoint), when he commented that my blog was starting to dry up, and so he had figured that I had been pretty busy. 

He nailed me with the frequency of blog entry vs. time spent focusing on work, and it made me think how ironic it is that now I am in a marketing job, and my intent, arguably, is to speak to a LARGE NUMBER of people, and when I spend too much time in very small meetings, or with very few people, – when I think that I’m really working hard, I am actually only touching a few folks… 

Good, or bad?  Well, who’s to say, really.  (You guys, of course!) – I mean, some of both has to be done. 

Please feel free to tell me what you need more of and what you need less of.

See you online and perhaps anywhere else!

My Irish Heritage

In memory of today, I thought I’d look up my Irish heritage…  Here it is.  Thomas Eagar was the bloke who left home and traveled to the U.S., in the early 1800s.


Thomas Eagar (Son of Frances Eagar and Elizabeth Rice) – emigrated to the Unites States

B: 1 Jan 1792, Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

D: 8 Jun 1840, Westchester, NY, US


Frances Eagar

B: about 1750, Ireland

D: about 1799, Ballyncourt Co, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Elizabeth Rice

B: about 1735, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: Cuel, Kerry, Ireland


Frances Eagar

B: 27 Feb 1699, Brackloon, Mayo, Ireland

D: about 1772, Brackloon, Kerry, Ireland

Married to

Hanorica Hickson

B: 30 June 1704, Dingle Kerry, Ireland

D: about 1794, Ireland


Dominick Rice

B: about 1720, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1755

Married to

Mary Callis

B: about 1724, Taulaght, Kerry, Ireland


John Eagar

B: about 1667, Ballymalie, Kerry, Ireland

D: Killarnay Church Court, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Dorothea Jallis

B: about 1672

D: Ballymalis Co, Co Kerry, Ireland


Thomas Hickson

B: about 1679

                Married to


B: about 1682


Dominick Rice

B: about 1692, Dingle Co, Kerry, Ireland

D: before 1757

                Married to

Mary Rice

B: about 1698, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland


John Collis

B: about 1696, Of Kilgobben, Kerry, Ireland

D: 1727

                Married to

Elizabeth Cooke

B: about 1700, Of Castle Cooke, Cork, Ireland


John Eagar and Dorothea Jallis described above…


Alexander Eagar

B: about 1635, Kerry Co., Ireland

D: 1696, Ballymalis Castl, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Rose O’Toole

B: about 1639, Co. Limerick, Ireland

D: Ballymalis Co, Kerry, Ireland


Philip Tallis

B: about 1644, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland

                Married to

Mary Coddington

B: about 1649, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Robert Eagar

B: about 1604, Ireland

D: Queens Co., Leix, Ireland

                Married to


B: about 1610, England


Capt. O’Toole

B: about 1613, Limerick, Ireland


William Coddington

B: about 1607, Ireland

D: 2 Apr 1657, Co Wicklow, Ireland

                Married to

Thomasina Calton

B: about 1610, Holmpatrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Coddington

B: about 1582, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Coddington

B: about 1586, Home Patrick, Dublin, Ireland


Mr. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland

                Married to

Mrs. Calton

B: about 1585, Ireland


The Elizabeth Cooke line, above, comes out of Cork, Ireland…  I am running out of time, though… 

So – are we related?  🙂



Photos and data found via, compiled by uncounted others who have spent much more time on genealogy than I have.  My mother taught me all I know about genealogy.  I enjoy it, but don’t get to spend much time on it at present.

5 Minutes from 10 Years From Now

Can I Re-Tweet an entire blog post?

John Mullinax has posted a blog entry that I’d like to Re-Tweet here.

Except that I’d like to use more than 140 characters.  😛

I was privileged to be in attendance at the ECMSharePoint ‘08 conference in November of last year, where Derek Burney, GM SharePoint Platform and Tools, shared this video as part of his presentation.  I’m sure that wasn’t the first time that it had been shown, but it was the first time that I saw it.  Actually, I saw it about a week prior to the conference, as I sat with Derek to review his presentation and discuss the details about his visit to the conference. 

I was blown away.

I had heard people say that the video was based completely on technology that was extant in MS Research projects, and wasn’t just a dream.  That gave me a lot of optimism, and reason to hope.

Tonight, I watched a recording of Steven Elop’s recent presentation to students at Wharton.  In this recording, he decomposed the scenes in the futuristic video into the actual technologies that are being referred to in the video. 

Steven Elop invited his audience to watch carefully and to share with him a vision of what could be real in “5 Minutes From Ten Years From Now”.

I hope that you watch it, and save this link, or at least *a* link to the video, to watch again, the next time that you give yourself 30 minutes to be still and to think.  It has helped me start to think in some new directions, and I think it will for you, also.   Let me know what you think.

BlueThread on the Gannotti-Tube

I wanted to post a quick message telling folks that a SharePoint partner, BlueThread, is going to be featured on Mike Gannotti’s weekly webcast – tomorrow, March 5th, from 9AM-10AM, Pacific time. 

You can find more details about the webcast and instructions as to how to view and listen in Mike’s blog post,

BlueThread serves as one of the thought leaders in complex and large SharePoint solutions.  BlueThread provides business process management expertise and SharePoint architecture and development experience.  BlueThread also has a small collection of products that can be used to jumpstart customer implementations.

SharePoint Online – doing some traveling…

SharePoint Online is part of Microsoft Online Services.  It is a hosted environment for companies that would rather outsource their SharePoint data center than manage it themselves. 

SharePoint Online can be purchased as an individual service or as part of a suite of online services, which includes Exchange Online, Live Communications Server, and Live Meeting. 

If you are a virtual company, you can virtualize almost your entire data center in this way.

Two big announcements have occurred.

The first is that the largest company to date, GlaxoSmithKline, has signed up to move a portion, if not all, of their 100,000 employees to the Microsoft Online service.  They expect to save 30 percent of their related computing costs in this way.

The second announcement is that SharePoint Online is going global.  Until now, it has only been available in the United States.  19 countries  in Europe and Asia will be available for trial, beginning in April.

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