Way To Go, Live Mesh!


Live Mesh was awarded a Crunchie Award as the recognized Best Technology Innovation / Achievement of 2008!

Wow!  Congratulations to all those associated with bringing out Live Mesh – it’s an awesome technology.

The Crunchies are an annual competition co-hosted by GigaOm, VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider, and TechCrunch which culminates in an award for the most compelling startup, internet and technology innovations.


As Angus Logan says on his blog entry about the award (from where I stole this picture of Ray Ozzie and David Treadwell accepting the Crunchie Award for Best Technology Innovation/Achievement on behalf of the Live Mesh team),

If you aren’t a Live Mesh user – what are you waiting for?
Try it out for Windows, Windows Mobile & Mac.

I’ve been using Live Mesh for a while now and am finally living a somewhat synched life.  My different computers are synched, which is great…  when is Ray Ozzie going to come out with the synch technology that will help me synch with my kids?  🙂

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