New Phone – Samsung Epix (i907)

Another watershed day in history, occurring this mid-January.

I broke down and decided to part with my trusty phone.

I’ve been using the HTC S730 for a couple of years now, and have enjoyed it.  I have enjoyed my detour into the Smartphone arena, and the phone worked well.  For the past couple of months, cracks have been showing up, and I was afraid that I was one more drop away from losing my virtual assistant.

I was trying to decided between the Palm Treo Pro, the HTC Fuze, and the Samsung Epix, and Thursday, when I found myself accidentally in an AT&T store, I submitted to the wave and purchased the Samsung Epix (i907).  Once I get used to the new form factor, I’ll be back up to speed.

The optical mouse on the front was great.  However, I’ve switched the configuration on that mouse over to use it as a 4-way navigation button.  I’ll try that for a while to see if it works better.  (I really missed having arrow keys, due to what I realized to be the surprising amount of text editing that I do on my phone)

OLD and NEW….


Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group Meeting – Jan 2009

Tonight we’ve got a great meeting going on at the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group.  There are over 60 people in attendance tonight, and we ran out of pizza.  Bo had to order a second batch.  P1000870

Trying to figure out why, it could be because we’ve got a new guy who is creating the email invitations, (Greg Frick), or it’s because we have a beautiful actress, who is also a SharePoint maven, giving the first presentation today, or it is because everyone set a New Year’s Resolution to attend more local User Group meetings.  Being geeks, we have our suspicions, but without more evidence, we’re not exactly sure why.

Katherine Woolverton, of Corbis, is sharing some war stories about the history of the SharePoint implementation at Corbis.  She was laid off for about a minute, at one point, some years ago, until they realized how critical she was, as the only SharePoint administrator in the building.  Since that time, Corbis has grown their SharePoint site, is using it for more purposes, and her department is growing.  She now has a farm administrator who handles the back end of the farm.  Katherine commented that, “she is not allowed in the 12 Hive.” 

I think that the best user group presentations are when a user actually is showing and talking about their stuff.  Katherine did an incredible job. 

Francis Cheung and Chris Keyser, from the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Group at Microsoft, delivered the second half of the presentation.

There is a CodePlex project called “patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance,” where this documentation and guidance can be found.

Here is the MSDN site location for SharePoint Guidance, where more information about suggested Patterns and Practices can be found.

Way To Go, Live Mesh!


Live Mesh was awarded a Crunchie Award as the recognized Best Technology Innovation / Achievement of 2008!

Wow!  Congratulations to all those associated with bringing out Live Mesh – it’s an awesome technology.

The Crunchies are an annual competition co-hosted by GigaOm, VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider, and TechCrunch which culminates in an award for the most compelling startup, internet and technology innovations.


As Angus Logan says on his blog entry about the award (from where I stole this picture of Ray Ozzie and David Treadwell accepting the Crunchie Award for Best Technology Innovation/Achievement on behalf of the Live Mesh team),

If you aren’t a Live Mesh user – what are you waiting for?
Try it out for Windows, Windows Mobile & Mac.

I’ve been using Live Mesh for a while now and am finally living a somewhat synched life.  My different computers are synched, which is great…  when is Ray Ozzie going to come out with the synch technology that will help me synch with my kids?  🙂

Gimmal Group Seminar – ECM and RM in a SharePoint World

I met with some great folks from the Gimmal Group last month and was pleased to learn that they are targeting some of their experience at helping enterprises understand how to leverage the SharePoint platform for their Enterprise Content Management and Records Management applications. 

The Gimmal Group has years of experience in the ECM and RM space, which, of course, includes years of experience working with OpenText and EMC Documentum, and has an impressive list of customers.  I look forward to working with them to help identify (and eventually obliterating?) the perceptions of SharePoint workload boundaries in regards to ECM and RM. 

The Gimmal Group has announced two seminars in a series of seminars they are holding to provide their version of an enterprise roadmap for implementing an “Enterprise Content Records Management (ECRM) Program”

New York Seminar   Washington DC Seminar
Date: Tues, Jan 20, 2009   Date: Tues, Feb 10, 2009
Time: 9AM-4PM   Time: 9AM-4PM
Place: Hilton New York   Place: Ronald Reagan Center
Fee: None   Fee: None


Here is a Link to the Seminar Agenda.
To Register for one of the Seminars, click here.

Gimmal Seminar Series: Planning for Enterprise Content and Records Management in the SharePoint World

This seminar will provide a roadmap for successfully implementing an Enterprise Content and Records Management (ECRM) Program – one founded on a proven and successful methodology. Component elements will include: "big bucket theory", legal and RM readiness, system models, standard document lifecycles, use case templates, and reference ECRM architectures. Participants will discover how Office 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS 2007) are compelling potential solutions for solving two specific problems that have plagued large organizations: file shares and email. Valuable case study examples will be included.


  • Directors and above in IT, Records Management, and Legal
  • Records managers tasked with planning and deploying an enterprise records management program for paper-based and electronic records including email 
  • IT professionals seeking to conquer the RM and ECM beasts
  • Legal professionals needing to understand how all of the components come together and how ECRM solutions can dramatically lower discovery costs


  • Guidelines for implementing the big bucket approach
  • Guidelines for ECRM requirements gathering
  • Guidelines for ECRM planning and strategy projects
  • Standard enterprise information lifecycles
  • Enterprise reference architecture approaches
  • Enterprise content usage models

Here is a Link to the Seminar Agenda.
To Register for one of the Seminars, click here.

Change Your Pricing

Chris Brogran tweeted about a Seth Godin post about what happens to companies when they change their pricing.

I thought it was great, so I figured that it would relate to SharePoint in some way or another.   🙂

“When a restaurant goes from a la carte to either a buffet or a fixed price meal, it is able to find a new class of customers.”

So, how does changing your price relate to SharePoint? Well, If you think like an ISV, then you are thinking 2-3 years ahead, with a product lifespan of 5-10, maybe 15 or more years, right? So, let’s look ahead a little bit.

Are you thinking about what will happen when SharePoint Hosting is the natural order of things? What happens when enterprises only install SharePoint into their own data centers to handle their own internal, most business critical documents, and many, if not all external-facing workloads and partner- and customer-facing workloads are running on cloud-hosted SharePoint data center farms?

How will companies that provide software using today’s pricing models convert to the new realities? How will existing per-transaction models translate to SharePoint? Will they? Of course they will, it’s just a matter of which companies are going to lead the others there.

What will your new SharePoint pricing model be? What will the “new class of customers,” that your business/service will attract, consist of?

How many Hosting providers will choose to provide custom versions of SharePoint – versions that tie together multiple ISV Solutions and offer a compound solution that slays the competition?

“Changing your pricing changes your story.”

The line between consumers and business is blurring. Just as the iPhone is changing the way that consumers use mobile phones, and at the same time is meeting almost all of the needs of enterprise users, the “class of customers” that a SharePoint–oriented ISV or service provider should be focusing on is also changing. As we (SharePoint service providers) learn lessons from the consumer world and start to mix it up, it’s going to be fun.

Remember, “It CAN Be Done.”