ECMSharePoint – Portal and Local Workshop Schedule

The ECMSharePoint ( portal is a new location on the web where information specific to the ECM industry on SharePoint can be found. 

It’s still young, and a bit light on content, but this site is managed by the same people that have been running and ECM-oriented for years. 

There is a Products section on where they are starting to break down some of the add-ons and complementary ISV products that help to extend SharePoint in the enterprise. 

I hope that the folks continue to invest in what could grow into a great resource for communication and a collaboration area between SharePoint customers and vendors.

Local Workshops

The team is launching a tour of 8 (currently announced) cities to bring their brand of ECM Industry Analysis and SharePoint education seminars.

Preliminary Schedule  
Irvine, CA March 18, 2009
Palo Alto, CA March 25, 2009
Dallas, TX April 17, 2009
Atlanta, GA April 24, 2009
Chicago, IL May 8, 2009
Reston, VA May 22, 2009
New York City, NY June 5, 2009
Boston, MA June 19, 2009

You can learn more about AND REGISTER for these Regional Seminars here.

(The White Sox, Nationals, Yankees and Red Sox all have home stands that coincide with these workshops…  might be a great time for a Road Trip!) 🙂

NFL Replay needs a new name

Patrick McManamon, of the Beacon Journal, suggests that the NFL replay system has grown too big for its britches and needs to be retired. 

I completely agree.  This season, portions of games under review have become actually painful to sit through.

Here’s a quick definition of the rule from McManamon’s article.

"Take a quick look, see if the call was right or wrong and fix it — provided it was obvious. As NFL coach Mike Holmgren once said, correctly and accurately, it’s the kind of thing where 50 guys in a bar can watch the play and easily agree what they saw."

I wish that this were still the case.  It has grown / evolved / morphed into something that only an NFL referee could love.

The game should not be decided by a "referee under dark of the replay booth making a judgment on a game of speed based on a super-slow-motion replay of a play."

I say, If you can’t do it right, then don’t do it.

AIIM – Spreading the SharePoint Love – what?

My relationship with AIIM over the years has been fairly typical, I would guess – maybe a bit more affiliated than some, but not as tightly aligned as others.  I’ve taken some AIIM training classes, I think that I attended my first AIIM conference in about 1998, and I’m tentatively planning on attending the conference in 2009.

AIIM is an association of a lot of different vendors.  Does it really lead us many places any more?  It does make it convenient for software and hardware vendors to spread their messages.

To help vendors get their messages out, they provide periodic webcasts.  Check this one out… 

January 28: SharePoint – Truth and Fiction
In a recent AIIM study, over 400 organizations shared their opinions and experiences concerning Microsoft SharePoint. Some of the results may surprise you – they did us. We’ll talk about the primary obstacles to scaling SharePoint, its impact on the overall IT infrastructure, just how satisfied are users with SharePoint functionality, and more. If you are currently a SharePoint user, or are considering becoming one – this webinar will provide you with invaluable insights.
Register for this webinar.
Brought to you by Oracle, the Most Independent Source of Truth and Objectivity about SharePoint.

Yes, it’s your Monday Morning Chuckle.

Docs feel less vulnerable with IT Systems over Paper-based system.

Doctors who were trained using capable IT systems and who later practiced within a hospital, clinic, or other organization that utilized a paper-based records system, felt more vulnerable – that they weren’t able to provide the level of care and service that they wanted to.

Thanks, Ducknetweb, for the original post.

NASHVILLE, TN – A new study has found that physicians who receive training in a technology-rich environment but go on to work in a less modern facility feel they can’t provide safe, efficient care as they could have with information technology. The study, ""Performing Without a Net: Transitioning Away From a Health Information Technology-Rich Training Environment," was conducted by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

About 80 percent of the 328 Vanderbilt graduates who participated in the study were working in an environment with less IT. According to the study, they reported  "feeling less able to practice safe patient care, to utilize evidence at the point of care, to work efficiently, to share and communicate information and to work effectively within the local system."

See original story at

link to: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

It sounds like the medical industry now has an important piece of evidence to help accelerate those IT-conversion projects.  A sprinkle of a little SharePoint and some Medical Industry – specific applications built on top of the extensive and expandable development platform that SharePoint provides could go a long way!