Gartner Magic Quadrant Season

Yeah, I know that the Gartner group publishes magic quadrant reports all around the year, but ‘tis the season for the Enterprise Content Management magic quadrant, and I wanted a season to celebrate in.

First of all, get your own hot and handy copy of the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management here and click through to the report.

I think it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft is ever so slightly the leader on the Completeness of Vision axis, and is #4 in the race, behind IBM, EMC, Open Text, and Oracle, on the Ability to Execute axis.  Nobody worries about #4, right?  #1, now – they have to worry.  We all know about #2 – just about as many folks chasing them…  but #4?  Who was #4 behind Michael Phelps in the Olympics?  …never a second thought about them, right?  

Let me digress just for a moment…  this reminded me of an article on CMSWire last week, “Forrester: Beware of MOSS Madness?”.  After the author ripped into SharePoint through the bulk of her story, she came back to the center with this comment, “The thing is, you could say that [one needs to be careful when developing for SharePoint] about just about every other CMS product out there.  You just don’t hear the grumbling as loud.”  Well, perhaps now that we know that SharePoint is only #4 in Ability to Execute, we won’t be hearing the grumbling that was being referred to.  Or is the grumbling because SharePoint is #1 in Completeness of Vision?  Perhaps the grumbling will be with us for a while yet. 

I’ve got one thing to say about Ability to Execute, however.  I’m not an analyst, but I am a thinker, and two areas called out by Gartner where Microsoft SharePoint is in need of partner solutions to deploy solutions are Workflow/BPM and Imaging.

Those are two weaknesses that I love to have recognized, because we have such a strong partner ecosystem in these areas.  With workflow vendors such as K2, Nintex, Skelta, Ultimus, and Ascentn; and imaging vendors such as KnowledgeLake, Fujitsu, BlueThread, ClearView, Hyland, ImageSource and Captaris;  SharePoint is a testament to the open framework that ISVs are attracted to as a platform for them to showcase their mad skillz.  (Wow, one of those companies is also in Challengers quadrant of the ECM MQ on its own!)  I wonder what happens when you take SharePoint’s #4 on the Ability to Execute axis and combine it with that incredible partner ecosystem? 

…I guess it causes a lot of grumbling.

SharePoint at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008

The SharePoint team will have a presence at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008.  Are any of you awesome and incredible SharePoint ISVs going to attend?  If you are, let me know, and let’s see if we can get you hooked up with the SharePoint leadership that will be there.

Register Here for the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008.

AvePoint Roadshow for DocAve

Many of you are probably familiar with DocAve, from AvePoint.  They’ve been around for a while, but I’m just starting to get to know them a little bit better.   Their suite of products looks like fun –

The folks from AvePoint are making a tour around North America over the next month.  12 cities!  If you are close to one of these cities, please don’t hesitate to register and attend. 

    Malvern, PA – 10/2/08 (Thur)

    Redmond, WA – 10/7/08 (Tue)

    New York, NY – 10/8/08 (Wed)

    Waltham, MA – 10/9/08 (Thur)

    Washington, DC – 10/10/08 (Fri)

    Mountain View, CA – 10/14/08 (Tue)

    Montreal, QC – 12/16/08 (Thur)

    Irvine, CA – 10/21/08 (Tue)

    Alpharetta, GA – 10/22/08 (Wed)

    Houston, TX – 10/29/08 (Wed)

    Irving, TX – 10/30/08 (Thur)

    Chicago, IL – 10/31/08 (Thur)

The First Partner Webcast

Well, this will be interesting…

It seems that the invitation has been out for a while, and the Webcast is going to happen on Oct 2. 

I’m going to be joining Syntergy and Colligo, two good SharePoint partners, in a joint partner webcast.  I don’t know about that first speaker – he looks kind of sketchy, but David Seaman (Syntergy) and Ed Kaczor (Colligo) will be worth listening to!

SharePoint VPC for Download

A quick heads up that the SharePoint evaluation VPC that is currently available for download from has an expiration date at the end of September 2008. 

An renewed version of the VPC with an extended expiration date (March 2010) will be available in a few days.

Did you know that the SharePoint VPC is the 2nd most downloadable image from the collection of VPCs on this site?  (10s of thousands of downloads)…  It provides a grace period of 30 days from first use before activation is required. 

The expiration date cannot be extended – the expiration date is not the same as an activation required-by date. 

If you have been using this demo image (even if you’ve activated it), you must migrate your modifications to the new VPC.  Please remember that this image is not an image that should be used for long term demonstrations or even production – it’s for evaluation only.  That being said – Enjoy!

Portland Great Urban Race

My wife and I had an amazing experience last Saturday.  We ran as a team in the Great Urban Race, in Portland, Oregon.  This is a variant of The Amazing Race that is run within city downtown areas around the country, and where no private transportation is allowed.  Your own legs and public transportation are allowed.

It was so much fun.  Kris and I ran as one team, and we ran with Kris’ brother and his wife.   Teams are encouraged to wear matching outfits – or costumes!

Each team is provided a copy of the clues and at the start time, each team hits their mobile devices or phones a friend on the Internet to solve the clues.  Kris and I each had a phone-a-friend at home on the Internet helping us.  (Thanks, Ben and Greg!) 

Then, after finding the answers to the clues, we mapped them out and decided how to tackle visiting each location.  The thing is, you have to visit each of the locations and take a picture of your team at the location, doing something fun, usually.  After taking the pictures, you race back to the finish line.


This race is run in 19 cities during the summer, and the top 25 qualifiers from each city get invited to run in the championship race.  We had a fun time and finished #24!  Woo-Hoo! 



Next year, we’ll be back!  You can see all the photos on my Space…

the conference

<head> web conference: October 24-26, 2008

I was pointed to what appears to be a great web conference coming up the days prior to PDC.  The <head> conference.   (hat tip – Anna Ullrich)

“the global web conference” 

All online – no traveling.  Sounds interesting, and it sounds to me like this is the best next way to deliver conferences.  I mean, it’s great to be able to spend time with folks – nothing replaces the one to one communication and personal experience that comes with sharing time with a person in real time – but if the goal is communicating a particular message, in a one-to-many environment, then why can’t the web be the vehicle?  I think that it absolutely can be the vehicle, and I’m looking forward to see how technology enables this conference. 

$99 conference fee for early registrants, until Sep 30.