May 2008 PSSPUG Meeting

Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group

The next Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group meeting is scheduled for May 15th, 6:30PM – 8:30PM, in Bellevue, WA. Join us at 6PM for pizza and networking.

Topics include:

  • echoTechnology — Managing the SharePoint Environment and Dev/Test/Production Scenarios
  • Arpan Shah, Director of Technical Product Marketing for SharePoint, as he presents the "Top Ten Things You May Not Know About SharePoint"

Bring your ideas and join us for a fun evening of SharePoint! More details about the group and the meeting can be found at

MindSharp SharePoint Summit

MindSharp is holding a SharePoint Summit and will be delivering 5 different training classes in SeaTac during the week of May 19-23, 2008.

See the Mindsharp SharePoint Summit page for details. Mention that you were referred by Owen Allen when you register for a 15% discount.

Courses include:

  • Implement, Customize, and Manage Search Server 2008
  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 Power End User
  • Core Technologies in Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Customize SharePoint Sites without writing Code Using SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Developer’s Guide to Web Content Management

Please note that this is a great chance to take these classes from the professional instructors of MindSharp in a LOCAL (to Western Washington) setting! Now’s the time to plan ahead and invest in yourself and in your team to prepare to deliver on your SharePoint projects.

The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users

I may have mentioned this before, but Robert Bogue has published a book dedicated to SharePoint End User training.  This book includes steps for over 100 tasks and actions within SharePoint.  He also is licensing the soft copy version of this book so your internal training groups can incorporate portions of his book directly into your corporate training guides.  This would be well worth the price of the licenses for the word documents. 

See Robert’s blog entry for details:

SharePoint Joel

You may remember Joel Oleson, who until recently was a Technical Product Manager with the SharePoint Product Team at Microsoft. 

Joel has moved on to other ventures, but he is continuing his great blogging efforts about SharePoint.  Visit his new blog at

One of the topics that Joel Oleson has visited our NorthWest District for is SharePoint Governance.  Joel has published a new slide deck covering Governance.  If you’ve been in one of his (or my cheap knock off) presentations on Governance, then you will recognize some of the slides. 

Review Joel’s blog entry and grab the slide deck from here:

(Clarification:  Because my job role focuses on the Microsoft Northwest District, sometimes I’ll address those customers when writing these posts…  Hence the "You may remember…" at the top of this post.)

Enterprise Grade Blogging

In March, the SharePoint team announced a forthcoming integration between SharePoint 2007 and Telligent Community Server 2008.  The Community Server SharePoint integration should be available sometime later this month! 

See for more info on Telligent Community Server and review this blog entry at

MSFT Interactive Media Manager – for Digital Asset Management

The original version of Interactive Media Manager was released last April, and the next version, now updated to include SIlverlight, was announced at the National Associate of Broadcasters Conference on April 11-17. 

Review the blog entry about this at

See the Microsoft page about the newly released Media and Entertainment solution at

For more information on Silverlight:

Updated Exchange Public Folder (vs. SharePoint) Guidance

Public Folders will continue to be supported in the next major release of Exchange Server, after Exchange 2007.  The phrase that Public Folders are being “de-emphasized” from previous guidance blog posts, is discussed.  Also, there is a list of scenarios and suggested deployment guidance for each storage scenario.

Review the blog entry about this at