Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known – Arpan Shah

On October 9th, we were able to host Arpan Shah, Director of Technical Product Marketing Management for SharePoint, and hosted a Live Meeting broadcast of a speech that he has been working on, titled "The Top Things About SharePoint That You May Not Have Known".  We broadcast this out to over 100 attendees, locally in Bellevue and Portland, and remotely on Live Meeting.  We recorded the session, but the audio did not get recorded.  The video is completely useless without the audio.

Needless to say, I’ve taken the audio engineers out back and had them summarily reprimanded and sentenced to a weekend of nothing but Halo 3.  (They apparently are people with extremely strong personalities and took their punishment without a whimper… curious…)

Anyway – I apologize for not having the broadcast of this session.  I have no doubt that Arpan will share this speech again soon and when it is recorded, I’ll post an update here with that recording.

Arpan’s slides are available for download here

SharePoint Governance – Joel Oleson

On September 27th, Joel Oleson, Sr. Technical Product Manager for SharePoint, visited the Microsoft PacWest district to share his thoughts on SharePoint governance with a few of our customers.

Joel has agreed to let us share the slides and the recording of this talk.

Download the slides from SkyDrive

View the recording via Live Meeting recording

The recording has about a minute at the beginning before the audio gets started. Be patient, or scan ahead just a bit. The slides and recording will probably not be accessible after 5-6 months from the date of this posting.

.NET Source Code To Be Released

Mr. Guthrie announced on his blog about the release of source code for the next version of the .NET Framework, v3.5.  This will be a great boon for programmers as it will allow for debugging of code just as other vendors do.  There was a bunch of comments from others about the fact that MSFT is releasing this under the Microsoft Reference License (MS-RL).

This is the comment that I liked…

So they encourage you to report things to them rather than distributing a patch yourself. So what? Trolltech does this, MySQL does this, Sun does this, Mozilla does this; in fact virtually every significantly-sized open source project encourages you to fix problems through their own channels rather than throwing a patch around yourself. It’s just good sense.