Vista and Office 2007 Launch in Seattle

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend my first couple of hours delivering SharePoint presentations to 500+ people at the Seattle launch for Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007. This is the launch that finally ended, as it went from city to city across the U.S. and I believe that yesterday was the last event in the series. I delivered a session on Post Installation Configuration and Management of WSS v3 and SharePoint Server 2007 sites that was targeted towards the IT Pro community, and also a session for Developers where I reviewed the business value pieces that are built into the SharePoint platform that a developer can utilize and incorporate into their applications. Except for the demo slip-ups that sometimes haunt these events, I think that most of the demo and presentation went pretty well. I had the occasion to share a stage with Ed Kaim, who was teaching about how to extend Office 2007 programmatically, and did a great job. Because my two sessions were at least 85% demo, the slide decks are worthless – simply intros, agendas, and thank you’s – and not worth posting here.

Okay – now that everything is finally good and launched, let’s get into some serious SharePoint coolness and customization!

Gnomedex 7.0

The site for Gnomedex 7.0 is up.  I was an attendee at v5 and still kick myself for not attending last year.  Looking forward to this next one.  I hope that the alumni discount applies even if it’s not consecutive years…  If you are going to be attending this one, and for some crazy reason you follow this blog, let me know when you’re coming into town and let’s share a meal or at least connect at the event.

And, there’s no doubt – Gnomedex is an event…  for bloggers, I’m not sure that it gets any better.