SharePoint Services v3 and SharePoint Server 2007 Available for Download!

Wow, it seems like it was a long time ago when we started talking about this stuff, and it is finally here.  Since you’re all (okay, one of you – you know who you are!) asking when I’m going to post the details just like everyone else in the SharePoint e-world, here you go.

I’m pleased to make (err… echo) the announcement that you can download RTM bits of WSS v3 and MOSS 2007 as of 16 Nov.

The MOSS version is an 180-day trial version.  When you get your VL (volume licensing) keys, you can enter the VL keys and that is all that is needed to  convert the trial license to a non-expiring license.

The MOSS install includes the WSS bits as part of its installation routine.  Check the deployment guide for details. Deployment for MOSS 2007.

One of the prerequisites is Microsoft .NET Version 3.0.  This is the bit that includes the release version of the Windows Workflow Foundation.  Following the steps in the (upgrade) deployment guide, you’ll be asked to remove any and all bits of Workflow Beta 2.2 that you might still have on your machine and replace any pre-release version of .NET v3 with this version.

However, you should take care to select the appropriate version (Standard or Enterprise) for your trial, as it is not supported to go from a Enterprise trial version to a Standard licensed version.  (See for specifics on version-to-version upgrade).  If you want to trial the Enterprise features and then decide to license the Standard features only, this is fine, but you’ll have to uninstall and start over with the full licensed Standard version.

The Trial keys are also on the download site, but here they are for your reference.

  • Office SharePoint Server Standard Trial: XJMKW-8T7PR-76XT6-RTC8G-VVWCQ
  • Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Trial:  F2JB-W4PD-JCHK-XTJY-CKRP-T2J9D

Go forth and Share.


Custom Central database Name for MOSS 2007

If you’re the type of SharePoint Admin that wants to customize the chrome of your isntall all teh way down to the Database name, here’s the ticket for you. 

This TechNet article includes the steps for creating your own Central Database name for MOSS and using that one instead of the system-generated database.

MSFT and Novell

The relationship between MSFT and Novell just took another incredible turn, the latest in a colorful joint history.

This seems to be very good for Microsoft, but I couldn’t help but come away with the impression that the adoption rate of Linux in the enterprise is going to increase, and that the Novell CEO, Ron Hovsepian, has just secured his place in Linux (and Novell) history. Novell SUSE Linux is going to be the shizzle on the kibizzle for data centers. See ya later Red Hat.

As part of the MSFT sales force, I wonder when I’ll be handing out my first certificate for a Linux OS license to a customer. 🙂

Here’s the Novell link to the press release and webcast, and here’s the Microsoft link to the press release.

Ron Hovsepian (Novell CEO) and Steve Ballmer