Peter Jackson and the Next Story Platform

Wow.  Peter Jackson and Microsoft have signed together to form Wingnut Interactive, a production studio for Peter to create stories and movies for the Xbox 360 platform (and perhaps other PC platforms?) that would provide interactivity with his stories and movies. 

As Preston White says in his article about the venture, "Gaming – and especially online gaming – is a new way of storytelling and possibly represents the first real innovation in the craft since the invention of fire".

It does sound good.  It might be a kindler, gentler Mordor, Preston…

Sydney Trip – Day 1

The trip started off with a delayed flight from Seattle to Los Angeles and a rush to make the connecting flight to Sydney.  Qantas was the airline, and they did a good job with the looonnggg flight across the Pacific.  As we were about to land, we could still smile, even if our eyes were still a bit sleepy.

After making it through customs and learning that our bags weren’t quite as dexterous as we were in making our connecting flight in L.A. (they apparently wanted to stay the extra day in Los Angeles – maybe they went to Disneyland?), we went to the hotel and took care of the 1 minute of paperwork needed to get a room key and check in.  The Westin hotel in Sydney looks fabulous!

Hopefully, our bags will arrive tomorrow…  (we’ll keep you posted.)

In the afternoon, we took a guided bus tour of Sydney.  One of the stops was to take photos of the harbor.  Here’s one…

Another stop was at Bondi beach.  You can’t see the beach in this photo, but you can see the "heads" of land that jut out into the water.

Also at Bondi beach, we ran across this bird.  I’d never seen one, so we asked one of the local folks that was there with his family, and he said this bird was called an Ibis.  He then said that this was a common, typical bird.  This being the first time that I’d ever seen one like this, I thought to myself, "Yeah, and what country are you from?", but before I could verbalize this thought, I answered my own question…  err, he was from a different country.  I’m glad that he didn’t mind another question from a tourist this afternoon.

Kris and I had dinner at the Sydney Opera House and took a tour of the building.   We were able to hear the sound in the concert hall, as a symphony was practicing during the tour.  Great stuff.  It looks a bit different in the dark.

Except for the luggage, it was a pretty long and amazing day.  Until tomorrow…

Marathon Race

I spent the morning today running tech support for Kris (the wife) who was running her first marathon today.  She ran with Dean Karnazes and the 14th (Bellevue) race of Dean’s Endurance 50 event.

The weather was perfect and Kris finished with Dean in 4:07.  What an amazing day.  I took the kids out to cheer her on along the course and at the finish line.  Kris has been working towards this for a long time.  Way to go!