Steak and Potatoes

Lately I’ve been working with a couple of customers that are working on web site redefinitions incorporating segmented advertisements, marketing messages, and targeted product information, all based on Commerce Server 2007 campaigns and promotions, alongside web content that is being authored, versioned, submitted to workflow, etc. within SharePoint Server 2007. There is not a lot of guidance available right now about this, but I want to point again to a post by Ryan Donovan, from a couple of months ago, that describes a framework for this integration. Now that SharePoint Server and Commerce Server are both built on ASP.Net v2.0, and leverage a common page framework, instead of having their own page construction approaches, we may be able to see sites that leverage both commerce and content roll out more quickly than ever before.

If you are thinking about the same type of web site, check out Ryan’s post.

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