Steak and Potatoes

Lately I’ve been working with a couple of customers that are working on web site redefinitions incorporating segmented advertisements, marketing messages, and targeted product information, all based on Commerce Server 2007 campaigns and promotions, alongside web content that is being authored, versioned, submitted to workflow, etc. within SharePoint Server 2007. There is not a lot of guidance available right now about this, but I want to point again to a post by Ryan Donovan, from a couple of months ago, that describes a framework for this integration. Now that SharePoint Server and Commerce Server are both built on ASP.Net v2.0, and leverage a common page framework, instead of having their own page construction approaches, we may be able to see sites that leverage both commerce and content roll out more quickly than ever before.

If you are thinking about the same type of web site, check out Ryan’s post.

SP Conference

I’ve been attending the MS SharePoint Conference (Bellevue, WA) this week and having a good time.  it’s great to re-connect with peers from around the world and I have a number of customers attending so it’s good to speak SharePoint with them, of course!

Part of my cost of attendance is to help out proctoring at the Hands-on lab section of the conference.  Bob German (gratuitous name-drop) is serving penance along with us tonight.  I’m doing that tonight while all of the sane attendees are attending the attendee party in Seattle.  There are about 184 machines here available for the 9 people who are running the labs.

However, one of the downsides 😉 of attending a conference locally is that sometimes a high priority customer visit needs to be made.  I spent time this morning with a great customer talking about integrating MOSS 2007 and Commerce Server 2007.  It’s going to be fun to put together web sites that are built on ASP.NET v2.0 and that surface MOSS and CS content side-by-side in their own web parts / field controls, and that are all leveraging the same page architecture and the same ASP.NET master pages.

A couple of the sessions today have focused on the technical bits behind the new SharePoint Enterprise Search technology, and those have been very interesting.  We had the MSFT IT department (MSFT’s first and best customer?) talk about their experiences with implementing SharePoint search at the enterprise level to index and support Microsoft’s worldwide enterprise.  Great things are happening with SharePoint Enterprise Search. 

SharePoint Community Center

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to hit the local Parks and Rec room to shoot some stick pool and play ping pong and… configure (your choice) SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2.  Beta 2 will release to the public in a few weeks (less?), and all of your friends will be working with it before you know it.  You can meet up with them at the newly launched/refreshed SharePoint Community Center page here:  See you online…

Catchup of some blog posts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and my streak of consecutive months is gone, but for the 6 of you that are still with me, I’m going to put up some of hte old information that I’ve been storing up.

Most recently, I’ve now got a Vista build dual-booting with my XP installation on my Toshiba Tecra M4. I’ve also got Office 2007 Beta 2 installed and testing.  If you haven’t already signed up at for Beta 2 of Office 2007, then you should do so now.  It will be available to the world.  I’ve been running Beta 1 on my machine for about 3 months now, and it’s been doing the job.  There is the occasional crash, but no lost data (knock on wood).

I wasn’t able to attend the MIX’06 conference, but all of the sessions are now available on the web at  They’ll probably only be up for about 6 months or so, but some of them are pretty interesting.  All you wanted to know about the future of Internet Explorer, for example.  I couldn’t believe my eyes a couple of days ago when I saw an online news article with a title that asked if Firefox was meeting its match in IE7.  I had to wonder if that was due to the public and the press becoming better informed about our IE7 through MIX’06.

I’ve been trying out ContentWatch at home, as an internet filtering application for the home.  It still seems a little intrusive to me when I see my kids wrestle with it.  Have any of you found the right internet filtering solution for the home?  I know that Vista is going to have parental controls, so I might just wait for that.  I haven’t installed Vista for the kids yet – when is Vista beta 2 coming out?  Oh, yeah…  soon.  Keep an eye out for that one, as well.  This thing really works.