Mashup for the people

Omar Shahine demonstrates his approach to Web 2.0 with his first Mashup.  Very cool.  What an inspiration!  This is a technique that is available to everyone and which many will be able to incorporate into their lives.  I jumped right in and tried a variation of his Mashup for breakfast this morning…

MSDN and TechNet Virtual Labs

Take a look at the Virtual Labs that MSDN and TechNet are sponsoring.  I’ve selected a few that are recommended for SharePoint developers.

Virtual Labs are guided, hands-on lab modules hosted by Microsoft that can be completed in 90 minutes.  Try out Microsoft products and test your programming skills through our library of hands-on tools.  There is no software to download, and Virtual Labs are free!

Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Get first-hand deployment experience through the Virtual Lab series. The Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 hands-on labs will teach you how to set up the portal, organize content on the portal, manage user permissions, create Web Parts for custom tasks, and much more.

Windows Workflow Foundation
This lab is based on Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 with Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 1 and you are guided through a developer experience using Windows Workflow Foundation for the first time.


With ASP.NET 2.0 you create richer Web applications with fewer lines of code. These virtual labs teach you about the improvements in ASP.NET 2.0, including new controls and new membership and personalization features. Explore Web development with ASP.NET 2.0.

Content Editor web part and HTML goodness

Jason Mauer has posted an article about using the Content Editor web part within SharePoint to give you a customizable palette to work on within your page.  This is a good explanation of a very powerful technique for quick HTML customizations.  Keep the articles coming, Jason!

Giving Good Presentation … or Not.

I wish that I was able to put up my own content here, but these guys do a great job of covering the material. 

1.      How not to give good presentation.  Check out the comments, as well.


2.     This is the must-read.  How to give a successful presentation (Scott Hanselman)

a.     If you’re really a presenter geek, check out the cool list of presenter tools he includes at the end.


3.     Here are Guy Kawasaki’s presenters tips

Mondosoft Acquires Navigo

Last week, Mondosoft announced the acquisition of Navigo.  This is significant for SharePoint and a great strategic move for Mondosoft.


Mondosoft has been providing a search engine for Windows for quite a while now.  This engine was very useful for our customers that had external CMS-based web sites.  For internal web sites, it competed with SharePoint search, and so that was always a touchy engagement… 


A couple of years ago, Mondosoft also added a Behavior Tracking product to their mix, which enables a web site to remember what a visitor has seen, and could enable personalization of site content and search results.  Microsoft does not have a good solution (other than custom code) for behavior tracking at this time.


Navigo provides Taxonomy support for SharePoint sites.  What is a Taxonomy?  It is a method of categorizing content in a multidimensional way.  As an example, the Dewey Decimal system is the taxonomy for most libraries. 


Adding a taxonomy system to an information repository, such as SharePoint, provides for a detailed categorization and organization of the data within the repository in many ways beyond the navigation that is designed into the site.  This also provides support for unique ways of retrieving data from a site.


Mondosoft and Navigo have been partnering for a while and have a number of joint customers, already. 


Thanks for the pointer, Mark!

Thank You,!

Woo-Hoo!  The XBOX 360 In-Store Inventory Tracker worked.  The employees at Best Buy in Tukwila were all, “How’d you know to come down?  We rarely ever get a second delivery truck during the day, and you guys started showing up!”

Way to go,