Vignette to HP

Congratulation to Tom Hogan, until recently the CEO of Vignette, who yesterday it was announced took a position with software giant HP.  Vignette was one of those companies, whice I was at BroadVision, that we loved to hate.  When Vignette absorbed Epicentric, and Vignette moved back into the ranks of solvency, you knew they would stick around a bit longer.  I would have taken any bet that Tom would have outlasted Pehong Chen, CEO of BroadVision, but Pehong has “won” that battle.  Wow.  I’m sure that Tom will be able to breathe some life into HP’s software engine. 

Tom, if you decide that you’d like to offer some pre-defined SharePoint sites on your HP boxes, for different scenarios or industries, give me a call!  🙂 

MIX 06

If you are a Web Designer, or involved in the construction of web sites, or if you do business on the web, or if you interested in where the next big thing is coming from.  (Where was the CSS conference?  All of a sudden, CSS was the place to be if you were building web sites) Well, MSFT is here to show you where the next wave is, and it’s going to be presented by others (i.e. Yahoo, Google), not just Microsoft, at the MIX’06 conference in Las Vegas next month – March 20-22.

Bling, Bling!

This will put the shwizzle on the kibizzle.

I’m probably not saying that right (I’m old), but today’s release of the CTP editions of the Expression line of tools for Web Designers and Illustrators is welcome news.  Not so much that Microsoft is offering products into an already crowded web industry, but that Microsoft Is Offering Products To Better Enable The Creation and Production Of Web Sites!!! 

If you have 3:25 minutes, watch the video tour of the below three products.  Where did all of those cool user interfaces come from that we’ve seen in teh Windows Vista demos?  Hmmm…

Expression Interactive Designer — the web page says this is a work in progress, because it’s more of an Alpha release.  Get your bugs reported now!  This app is designed to allow you to build user interactive elements combining graphics, text, and animation.  Note:  this builds user interfaces for the web AND the desktop.




Expression Graphic Designer — This one had an earlier release, code-named “Acrylic”, last year.  This is the vector-based and pixel-based graphics editor for illustrations, painting, and graphic design.



Expression Web Designer – This is the product that I’ve been waiting for.  This is the high-quality, standards-based web designer that is compatible with the aspects of ASP.NET v2.0, such as Master Pages, and that hopefully will make everyone forget about BackPage.  Where’s the CTP for this one?



WordPerfect notes

An article on CNET today quoted market research from NPD and said that Apple iWork has bested Corel WordPerfect as the number 2 competitor to MS Office.  WordPerfect now has a 1.6 percent share and iWork in up to a 2.7 percent share of the market.  MS Office has the remaining 95 percent…


A couple of other interesting WordPerfect bits…  WordPerfect has recently released a new version, “WordPerfect Office X3”.  The interesting bit is that this version is not Linux compatible, and in fact, Corel has stated that they won’t work on a Linux version of WordPerfect until there is enough consumer demand to make it profitable to do so. 


Corel also has a Senior Developer who is one of the original authors of the Open Document Format (ODF), so you would expect that WordPerfect would support ODF, right?  Nope.  No word from Corel if they will include ODF support in their next version or not.



Apple’s iWork emerges as rival to Microsoft Office

Corel pussyfoots on WordPerfect ODF

Installation of MCMS 2002 with SP2

Having problems installing MCMS 2002 SP2?  Let me know if you’ve installed it or if you are having difficulty installing it.  Check out this article on – the Rational Guide to Installing MCMS 2002 Service Pack 2.

SharePoint 2003 Doc Libraries and Icons

I’m caught up in learning all about the next version of Office “12” Server, but it’s great to get questions from customers in the pacific northwest in regards to SharePoint of any version.  I know this stuff is available in other places, but if one customer is asking about it, others might find it useful…

To register a file icon for a SharePoint document libnrary, such as for a custom file type, or to modify the icon displayed for a standard file type, modify the entries in the docicons.xml file on each of the SharePoint application servers.

Default location of the DOCICONS.XML file:
Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions60templateXML

Default location for icon files:
Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions60templateimages

Use 16×16 icon files here. 

The SharePoint Reporter

The SharePoint Reporter is a site that aggregates postings from a number of SharePoint-related blogs.  Looks like a good way to stay up-to-date on SharePoint, et. al.  I’m not sure how my little ol’ blog made the cut – my 23 readers will now know about this site, however!  Maybe it was the high-value of my blog? –not!  Nice job with the Reporter, Tony!