The Schema *IS* There, Dam*it!

While reading Laurence Timm’s blog today (err, catching up with it…), I noticed his spot-on entry about BizTalk messaging errors, and how frustrating it can be when the error messages that BizTalk produces don’t match up with what you are seeing.  It’s like flying an airplane into a cloud bank when you are only VFR trained…  your body tells you one thing, but the instruments tell you something else.  And, if you can’t get the two reconciled quickly, you can find yourself quickly panicking and possibly corkscrewing into the ground. Things go bad very quickly when you see that the right schema is in the BizTalk Explorer, but HAT still says that it has no destination for your message, so it can’t be picked up.  Thanks, Laurence.

Dangerous and Risky Blog

This is one of the most potentially dangerous blogs I’ve encountered this week.  And this entry is toxically hilarious.  Warning —  Do not read this blog if you are sitting in a very technical Deep Dive training session and everyone else is listening to an extremely intelligent presenter to whom you’ve (unfortunately) given up on about 30 minutes ago because you were undeniably in WAY over your head, because if you do read this blog in that type of scenario, you may very well find yourself unable to contain your grinning and actually (gasp!) laugh out loud – causing every head in the room to swivel in your direction at the rude interruption.  (Of course, this is only a warning, and not based on any specific personal experience…)  (ahem.)

More WF Items

I’m going to be on a WF kick for the next few days, I believe, while I’m attending some WF training. 

What a great article.  I got lost about half-way through it, but I’ll be back on it again after getting some sleep.  Thanks, Charles.

Windows Workflow Foundation and BizTalk Server

Brian Loesgen has a summary and comparison of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and BizTalk Server on his blog that would be good to bookmark until more specific information is out.  While he attended the BPI and WF conference at the beginning of October, I’m going to be spending the next couple of days in WF labs, and hope to end this week with a better understanding of WF.  I spent some time on Friday with the K2 Workflow folks, and I am looking forward to an interesting upcoming 12-18 months of answering questions about the workflow triumvirate.  BizTalk Server, WF, and K2 Black Pearl… (and what about Captaris and Ultimus? – I think they’ll show up somewhere).  Anyways, I expect it’s going to be fun. 

Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk

Well, I’m only a month behind on this one…  I’m not sure how I missed this update, but I did. 

Get the September version of the Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk (v1.7).  You’ll be glad you did.  I tincludes an improved section on BizTalk Server 2006.
The October release may be out by the time anyone reads this post?  🙂

BizTalk Server futures…

So, I know that the Future of BizTalk Server is right around the corner, with BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2 on the cusp of being released, and RTM scheduled for sometime early next year.  However, today I saw an expanded version of Eddie Churchill‘s PDC Session where he details some of the proposed directions for BizTalk Server 2006++ and beyond.  An incredible BizTalk Mapper and a great BizTalk Solution Designer.  I was impressed with the PDC show, and this time he had easily twice as much time and showed a lot of stuff – (he even showed a lot of patience with the audience – nice job, Eddie!)

If you are interested in this kind of stuff (stuff that will never ship, at least as demo’d, because it will undergo so many changes between now and when it is ready…), then you can follow the below links…