Sharepoint Discovery Kit (Hands-On Labs)

Hey look! – More hands-on lab goodness from the SharePoint folks!  Download here, and go get all “hands-on” and stuff. 

Scenarios included are: (Yes, I know you can see the list by following the link)

  • building a divisional portal site

  • deploying custom web apps that integrate with the portal

  • using SQL2000 Reporting Services to track portal usage

  • customizing the portal user interface

CorasWorks workshop for Sharepoint Development

CorasWorks is coming to the Seattle area to deliver a workshop about SharePoint development using their webparts.  This is a full day workshop covering design patterns and bext practices for SharePoint development.  Check the web site for more details.

Indigo Roadshow in Seattle and Portland

You’ve heard the buzz about Indigo, Microsoft’s unified programming model for building distributed applications. An Indigo roadshow is coming to Seattle on Sep 26 and to Portland on Sep 28.  Check for more details.  Registration is FREE, and there will be code and copies of the “Programming Indigo” book.  See you there!

Why does a .NET developer need or want BizTalk?

Somebody asked me the other day why he, as a .NET Developer, would be interested in BizTalk Server. 

If I only had one line with which to answer, I would tell my friend to invest an hour of time and watch the replay of Aaron Skonnard‘s webcast, “An XML Guru’s Guide to BizTalk Server 2004“. 

I met recently with the Spokane .NET Users Group and shared with them a lot of Aaron’s thoughts that I had lifted and combined with some of mine into a presentation that I could give.  It seemed to go over very well, and it was clear that this is a powerful message.  I think that any .Net developer should take the time to watch Aaron’s webcast and think about how their application development processes canbe shortened by bringing BizTalk into their architectural mix.  Especially in a SO architecture. 

Wrapping up July

What a great month July was.  I was away with the family for the past two weeks, and a lot has happened.  I missed the BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 1 release and the Windows Vista Beta 1 release.  Wow.  Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to catch up on email so that I can play with these bits. 

It was a great vacation.  We took the long way to a family reunion, and spent a couple of days at each tour stop.  Newport, Oregon (the Oregon beach), the Redwood Forests (camping in Grizzly Creek State Park – apparently, this is where the ewok and speeder scenes of the forest moon of Endor were shot…?), San Francisco, Las Vegas, and then Fremont, UT for the reunion.  Lots of driving.  You learn a lot about the members of your family on a trip like this!  (It was all good!)

My role at Microsoft is changing slightly with the new season.  I’m going to focus more on Content Management Server and the Sharepoint products and lessen my emphasis on BizTalk Server.  We will be hiring a BizTalk specialist for the Pacwest District.  I kind of had to make a choice between BizTalk and content management and portals, and I chose the portal path.  I am looking forward to it.  I think that my experience with BizTalk and Indigo and Web Services, combined with the upcoming Office 12, will help my customers enjoy some incredible portal functionality.

It’s good to be back.  See you around!