Tom Peters on CEOs

Another Non-topical entry for today.  (It’s been an interesting week.)  I’ve been following the Tom Peters blog for a couple of months now, and it is one of my favorites.  (Kudos)  On Wednesday, Tom published his 19 complaints about CEOs.  I’ve been a TP fan for a long time and the slide deck he has posted here is worth scanning.  Motivating.  Thanks, Tom.

Thin Client Tablet…

Wow.  When I read about Motion’s announcement of a thin client tablet PC, (thanks, PimpTighl), I thought about all of the great scenarios where tablets could be commodities.  I admit that I am not the expert on the Tablet PC space.  As much as I would like one, and am trying to get my hands on one, I don’t follow Tablet PC hardware makers and current releases as closely as some.  So, perhaps this has already happened…  However, I did use to work in the Hand Held Radio Frequency Bar Code Reader industry, (writing software for these RF devices that would be mounted on forklifts, or warehouse people would carry around, etc.)  — Do you remember bar codes?  Yep – RFID’s Grandpappy…  Anywho, Now every warehouse worker or Target/KMart-Sears employee walking around on the shop floor can have a tablet on their hip instead of a bar code reader…  A Nordstrom’s Personal Shopper could do wonders with designing a wardrobe for you while you are eating strawberries, or whatever it is they do at Nordstroms…  And my personal favorite – an automobile salesperson could help a shopper browse inventory and secure financing while walking around the car lot.  All we need is for thin client tablets to become commodities and for the price to drop a bit more.  The technology is here.  All we need is the manufacturing and the vision from some developers.  <Yakov Smirnoff>What a country!</Yakov Smirnoff>

BizTalk Server Adapter Migration Toolkit

The Adapter Migration Toolkit is designed to simplify migration of BizTalk 2002 solutions to BizTalk Server 2004 by providing three key pieces:

  • The generation of wrappers for BizTalk 2002 Application Integration Components (AICs) so that they can be used as BizTalk 2004 adapters and pipeline components;
  • The wrapper for BizTalk 2002 custom preprocessors so that they can be used as BizTalk 2004 pipeline components;
  • Implementation of BizTalk 2002 IInterchange to facilitate migration of BizTalk 202 applications that submitted messages bypassing specific transports directly into BizTalk.

Download the Adapter Migration Toolkit here.

BizTalk Server 2004 Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for BizTalk Server 2004 has shipped.  Remember to check the READ ME.

Get BizTalk Server 2004 SP1 here.

Prerequisite software:

Migration from Sterling Gentran to BizTalk

Covast has developed an accelerator to help with migration of Gentran maps to BizTalk.  Covast is producing a webcast to describe the accelerator.  If you are interested, you can find more information at  Webcast dates are Jan 26th, Feb 10th, and Feb 24th.  Register for the webcasts here.  Please let me know if you need other migration information to/from BizTalk.  What other capabilities are needed right now, or need to be discussed?

ComputerWorld describes BizTalk future

Computerworld has published an article describing some of the futures for BizTalk Server.   Hat tip to Randy Holloway.

However, for an even better description of what is coming, go straight to the source – Woodgate’s blog entry from last December.

MS Interoperability Webcasts

Starting Jan 18 (2005), there will be 3-4 weeks of webcasts available for architects and developers and IT pros dealing with interoperability between MS .Net platforms and IBM, BEA, and MS-COM applications and systems.  Also included are architectural webcasts detailing how to plan for interoperability in your designs.  Check out the list of webcasts at

One of the Webcasts is titled:  Microsoft and Interoperability.  Do They Really Get It?  With a title like that, you gotta at least watch the first 5-10 minutes, right?  (1/25/05 9AM PST)