Commerce Server 2006 Overview

A brief Overview of Commerce Server 2006 has been published on  The most significant thing behind this article is that (hopefully) it will put to bed the exaggerated rumors of the demise of Commerce Server as a product.  Yes, I know it has been a long time in between updates, but not as long as SQL Server, right?  🙂  There is a lot of business that still needs to be transacted over the web, and all of those amazing SOA BizTalk-powered applications need a flexible and scalable front-end. 

Read the list of features included here.

Download Commerce Server 2002 FP1 to get an idea of the new management interface for Commerce Server.

Commerce Server Pipeline for Diners Club and MasterCard

MasterCard and Diners Club have recently merged. Diners Club cards will be issued as MasterCard cards.

Commerce Server 2002 and 2000 ship a credit card number validation pipeline component that needs to be updated to reflect the new numbers issued to Diners Club.  If you are running Commerce Server 2000 or Commerce Server 2002 and are validating Diner’s Club cards on your site, please contact myself or your local MS support contact for the updated pipeline component.  This will be available soon as a KB article.

Commerce Server 2002 Starter Site

The Commerce Server 2002 Starter Site is a Microsoft tested, ASP.NET based accelerator site to be used as the starting point for scalable, mission critical commerce enabled sites. The site is designed and tested as a production quality site to jump start development for Commerce Server 2002 with Commerce Server 2002 Feature Pack 1.

MIT Open Courseware Site

What an incredible concept…  MIT, which can cost $40K annually, is giving away their content…  whazzup with that?  It’s a great story.  CNN has picked it up, and produced a story about it. 

Check out the streaming video file of the CNN program on the MIT OCW Web site. These videos are in Real Player format at speeds of (220K) (80K) (56K). The videos are also highlighted on the MIT OCW homepage, and on the MIT OCW Media Coverage page.
Look at the sheer volume of courses and pages and mixed media types and binary files that are part of this site.  It’s not one of the largest content based sites onthe web, but it is a fun and creative one that is also extremely usable.  And, it’s powered by Microsoft Content Management Server 2002…

BTS Quick Starts from Luke

Luke is providing training for young BTS Jedis…  If you are looking for a good way to learn BizTalk Server 2004, check out his Quick Start Guides…  He’s got two now, one for Installing the beast, and one for Hello, BizTalk World.