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There aren’t many Commerce Server – based blogs out there, but we’ve got one now from Vinayak Tadas, a Microsoft developer.  His entry about virtual catalogs caught my eye.  Thanks, Vinayak.  I must admit that I did not know about the materialization of virtual catalogs.  Very cool.  The best part is that now I get to use the Commerce Server category for an entry of mine!  🙂

MSIB v2.5 Released

Well, it’s good to have another version of the Microsoft Solution for Internet Business available.  This one has been anticipated for a while, now. 

The link to download is here

MSIB addresses emerging business models that have evolved from relatively simple structures of linked HTML pages to complex, feature-rich applications. MSIB provides content management, automates business processes such as selling and purchasing, and facilitates personalization and data collection for analysis. MSIB supports a range of deployment scenarios, ranging from government tourism portal sites with multicultural content to transactional corporate portal sites, complete with personalization, authentication, content management, structured catalog data, analysis, and retail checkout.

Updates for the new version include:

  • Prescriptive guidance for deploying on Windows Server 2003
  • Prescriptive guidance to also include BTS 2004 installations
  • Support for recent Service Packs for underlying products (CMS, CS, SPS, BTS)
  • A search provider for SPS 2003
  • MOM packs for CMS and CS

Let’s talk about Word, per Chris Pratley

These are some great articles, written by Chris Pratley, a group program manager at Microsoft, (Blog, Bio) about the history of MS Word.  These articles are too good for me to pass up. 


Very interesting history and perspective.


Let’s talk about Word



Word Myths and Feedback


In the second article, I think, you’ll find one possible origin of the belief that Microsoft will try to “Lock people In” to their file formats, etc.

Can you get the Orchestration done on time?

Charles Young (Not Your Average Joe!) has an article about a proof of concept at a customer site where he describes one benefit of building applications quickly with BizTalk Server.  

Thinking of BizTalk Server as a “business process platform” provides a context for success such as this.  BizTalk is not your grandfather’s ETL app!

Visio Schemas released

I was speaking with a customer today about the Visio add-in for BizTalk and this topic of open Visio schemas came up.  Then, I read that the schema definitions were released 5 days ago!  This reminded me of one of my favorite movies, “Hunt for Red October”…  where the hunter-killer sub captain receives his orders to chase down Ramius, and he is complaining, “These Orders are 6 @#$^* hours old!”  Classic.

Here’s the press release if you missed it… 

Tech Ed 2004

Tech Ed 2004 links…  San Diego, May 23-28, 2004.  I attended last year, in Dallas, and the place was packed.  Intense exposure to MS products and technology.  The Hands-On Lab areas were large, and provided opportunities to touch and feel and learn about almost every product and technology.  Oh, yeah.  I’ll be there again this year… 

Join us at…

TechEd 2004