In Defense of Microsoft


What did the taxpayers get for their money from the DOJ investigation? Nothing. What consumers got from Microsoft is exactly what CCIA members don’t want you to have—broadly accessible, affordable, enterprise technology.


Microsoft’s IM strategy is tough to beat

Windows messenger icons   Remember the first time you used ICQ?  And then it seemed like all of your friends used AOL IM?  And then, instead of having Yahoo IM, AOL IM, and MSN IM all running as separate apps on your desktop, you discovered Trillian?  Oh, life was good, back then…   Now, do you remember the first time that you used Jabber and were able to see presence information about those in your buddy group?  That was an epiphany, of sorts, and you knew that was the right direction for apps to go.  Well, it looks like Microsoft has been able to make it work the right way by embedding IM and presence information in MS Office 2003 and via MS Live Communications Server.  

Just wait until you see it in action.   And then, watch to see how long it takes for you or a friend to write an app that takes advantage of the fact that you can expect to have IM and presence capabilities on each desktop.

See the below article for a related story.

In the late ’90s, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer replaced the Netscape browser as my company upgraded to new operating systems. It was just one of thousands of switches that turned the dominant Netscape program into an also-ran, and, incidentally, contributed to the antitrust litigation that tied up Microsoft for years.
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Stefan is online and blogging.   (Thanks for the heads-up, Arpan)  This is great news for anyone associated with MCMS.  Stefan is a legend in the world MCMS. (Can I say that?   Has MCMS been around long enough to *have* a legend?  If Stefan is a legend, what is Dan Kogan???)

A most important link – MCMS 2002 Whitepapers and other documents…

.Net Without a Reservation?

Wow.  I’m usually not one to stoke the Java vs. .Net Battle Fires (well, not on certain 3rd Wednesdays, anyway), but I felt the need to post this link.  (found it on Scoble).  Just one more straw on the camel’s back.  This is Larry O’Brien’s comparison of development in Java and .Net.

MS CMS Standard Edition

A couple of news stories have surfaced about a Standard Edition of Microsoft Content Management Server.  Here’s one story at CNet.  Microsoft will be making an official announcement soon, I expect.  One part to note is that the article says, “the new software, …can only be used on a single processor server.”  Actually, the CMS Standard Edition is limited to use only one processor, but it can be installed on a multiple processor box.  The CMS Connector for SharePoint is also mentioned in this article.  This connector has been released to Beta, and will be available for free download before the end of the year.

Update:  Here is the Official Press Release.