Service Pack 1 for MS CMS 2002 has been released to the web, and is available for download.

This is a big service pack ….

  • Over 350 bug fixes
  • around 40 QFEs rolled up (and every QFE scrubbed)
  • Windows 2003 Server support
  • VS.NET 2003 support
  • ASP.NET 1.1 support

There are 4 parts to this Service Pack 1:

  • The documentation … read it, it will be your friend.
  • The Service Pack (for the server, site manager, etc)
  • The Service Pack for Authoring Connector
  • The Service Pack for Authoring Connector Language Pack

Standard Edition of MS CMS

I have not heard any internal announcements about the available date of the Standard Edition of MS CMS (Content Management Server) 2002, and I do not think that pricing has been fixed yet, but here is a Computerworld story about the new offering

Gasp! – Switching from Linux *to* Windows?

Who ever heard of such a thing?  Is Netcraft reading it’s results table backwards???

Check out a recent Netcraft report showing that 8,000 web sites have recently switched from being hosted on Linux to being hosted on Windows 2003.

CMS Workflow…


Choices are good.   There is now a workflow model and samples available for MS CMS 2002.  There are also good partner solutions – (the solutions that I’m familiar with include those from TeamPlate and Sourcedode Technologies)…    Life will change for MS CMS users now, with a flexible and powerful workflow model now available…

Nice job, Scott Fynn.  It was worth getting up early for.

MGB Day One

Yesterday was Day One of the Annual MS Global Briefing – targeted towards Field Sales and Consulting personnel.  It was my first time to attend a MGB, and I was impressed.  The only time that I had seen Steve Ballmer dance before was in the infamous “monkeyboy” clip of a few years ago.  He did not disappoint. 

MS will not disappoint with the continued growth in different markets.  Keep your eyes open. 

Job Function at Microsoft

I’ve been asked by a couple of people to describe my job function at Microsoft.
Fair question.

I’m an E-Business Product Technology Specialist for Microsoft, in the Sales group, primarily involved in Technical Pre-Sales opportunities.  I specialize in the E-Business Server products, MS Content Management Server, MS Commerce Server, and MS Biztalk Server. I visit customers with Account Managers, and on my own, answering technical questions about the products, helping with product evaluations, etc.

It’s a great gig, and I’m enjoying it.  Prior to this place, I worked in the same function for BroadVision, an E-Commerce software solution.  Once BroadVision needed to shut down its Seattle operations, I pretty much needed to find work, and Microsoft was local and needed some help.  I’ve been here almost a year now, and am enjoying it very much.